In the beginning it was clear and simple. Black and white. Graphic.

When there were rules, there were times and places you couldn’t or wouldn’t: Only to a funeral. Not when you were young. It doesn’t feel like that now. Now it feels like the perfect backdrop to our busy lives. It feels warm and safe. Like hiding in a dark corner.

All color all at once. Always cool. Urban. Country. Anywhere. Everyseason.

Why Canvas?

It’s natural. It’s breathable. 
It’s easy to wear and easy to care for. At Utility Canvas, we pride ourselves in keeping it simple. In design and in use. Our products don’t call attention to themselves because they’re too busy doing their job. They blend in with your style, whatever it may be. Not because they’re discreet—because they’re versatile.

To us, canvas is more than a fabric, its a challenge.

We fight the urge to use other textiles. The constraints push us to be masters of this age old fabric. We believe in our craft. 
And we deliver the highest quality canvas goods available.

Trust us when we say you’ll love it.
People have for thirty years.

USA made

Manufactured in
Baltimore, MD

water resistant

Canvas is naturally
water resistant


For the modern
consumer lifestyle