Mother's Day Inspiration

Mother's Day-- it's a day that means a lot to us here at Utility Canvas.

A day to celebrate motherhood; a day to celebrate the beautiful Spring season.

There are a couple of gifts we have in mind for Mothers this year...

For the Mother on-the-go, a Classic Field Bag in one of our Spring colors is a must-have.

For the Mother with a love for Spring fun and bold prints, our Slip Dress in Pink Daisy Vine or Yellow Daisy Vine is an easy choice.

It's a beautiful feminine fit-- and just the right length to make it a no-fuss no-brainer dress for everyday wear.

We wish all the Mothers out there a beautiful Mother's Day!

A Prelude to Spring?


Spring is (nearly) here, and we're excited to finally welcome some Spring prints and products into our store.

This season we'll be welcoming some cheerful prints for our cheerful moods-- 

Blue Daisy Vine, Yellow Daisy Vine, Pink Daisy Vine,

Orange Dash, Green Dash, a few more.


Of course they'll be available in our throws, 20" pillow shams; and we'll be making tablecloths.

So while it's still a bit nippy outside, your home can be warm and sunny just in time for the arrival of Spring.

Love is in the air...

Despite being in the midst of a terrible blizzard snowstorm, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. 
Here at Utility Canvas we're not really ones for kitschy holidays, but we feel everyone could use a little extra love in their lives this year. 

Many people (men, especially!) have been asking us what to get for their special someone-- 
Why not wrap the one you love up in a beautiful quilted blanket? 
Our Lipstick Sofa Floral print is the absolute best for the season... It never fails to impress.
In our honest opinion, of course!

Speaking of love, our raindrop printed throw was recently featured in Elle Decor Magazine...

We are more than thrilled, and since then we have quickly sold out of our raindrop print. 
We're going to be getting more in stock soon, though!

To all you lovebirds out there,

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's nesting time once again...


With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season past us, the reality of a long winter has finally set in. It's what we like to call 'nesting time' and there is nothing better this time of year than curling up in front of a warm fireplace with a cup of coffee, a beautiful quilt and comfortable pillow to rest your head on.

We make two types of throws here at Utility Canvas-- printed and solid. Our printed throws are backed in solid natural canvas and are 54"x68"-- a great size to have on a sofa or bed without being too much fabric to tote around. The solid throws are garment dyed and a tad bigger than the printed-- 56"x70". They're just the right size to have on a sofa, or on top of a twin bed-- but not too big to store away nicely or fold with ease.

Let's not forget our wide array of pillow shams-- throw, standard, and euro! It's amazing how much vibrance a simple pillow can exude in a room, and our pillow shams are built to last and completely machine washable.. And what better to lounge on than one of our floor pillows-- an oversized zip sham available in fun colors and prints! They're great for gatherings when chairs aren't readily available, and perfect as a pet bed, as well. They're a simple, fun way to add a new color dimension to any room.

Don't let the cold winter get you down-- consider it a time to redecorate and make you home the beautiful, exciting place you've always drempt of!

Holiday Gift Ideas...

Holiday times can be so stressful... So many people to give to, and it can be difficult to choose something that's perfect for your special someone, your friends, your family... And that's why we'd like you to know that Utility Canvas carries a variety of carefully crafted, beautiful gifts that will last for years to come and that (hopefully) everyone will love. These are our top five picks for this holiday season, pictured left to right.

1. With the new year comes a new state of mind and a fresh outlook, so why not gift a beautiful quilted blanket? We make them in every color of the rainbow, and tons of fun prints to brighten the spirit and any room of the house. Our throw blankets are just big enough to fit nicely on the top of a twin sized bed, are a lovely sofa companion and do a pretty swell job of making floors look brilliant, too. 

2. Our classic field bag makes everyone happy-- because who couldn't use a basic, timeless tote? We make them in all sorts of colors, so they fit any style, any season. Perfect for carrying around with you through the bustling city, or keeping things organized in the back of your car.

3. The perfect gift to ensure that your favorite holiday outfit doesn't get destroyed by a cooking mishap! Our full apron makes the perfect holiday gift for anyone who loves cooking, gardening, or just crafting in general. They have five pockets to hold a variety of supplies, and are so darn cute you'll never want to take it off. 

4. People often ask us-- what is the Utility Sac for? It's for anything that will fit, really‚Ķ Toiletries, office supplies, any other knickknacks laying around.. They're super sturdy little bags, and super fun to have around the house. Why not use it to hold smaller gifts or 'stocking stuffers' this holiday season?

5. Placemats and napkins are a thing that we love receiving, but rarely think to buy for ourselves. Our placemats and napkins are machine washable, preshrunk and come in an array of colors that will match any decor. 

Hopefully this has given you all some wonderful gift ideas, and that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

What's a Portmanteau?

Some of you may wonder: "What is a portmanteau?"

It's a strange sounding word-- a French word that doesn't roll off the tongue easily-- and it simply means a large travel bag. We think that everybody needs a portmanteau, so here at Utility Canvas we've been perfecting this bag since 1993, constructing it on industrial-grade machinery in Maryland until it became the perfect travel bag that it is today. 

Unlike most of our other bags, the portmanteau features a waterproof vinyl-coated nylon bottom, the same material which is commonly used for truck tarps... This insures that it's extra sturdy by reinforcing the bags interior stress points. So you can sit on it, throw it about (as people in airports tend to do!) and manhandle it as much as necessary and the portmanteau will be fine! We also currently make it in four color variations (navy, olive, black, and tan) so it won't get mixed up with everyone else's luggage.

Nearly indestructible, it makes a perfect weekend get-away bag (or for a light traveller, even a weeks worth of clothing will fit!) and can be stowed easily in any overhead luggage bin that you may face. Featuring a removable adjustable shoulder strap, it's versatile and a great bag for lugging around everything and anything you might need! Unlike dragging a suitcase around, the portmanteau is also great because you can place it on your lap and keep it close on crowded trains or busses. 

Next time you travel, don't forget your portmanteau!